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Mortgages/Real Estate
Management Consulting

Mortgages/Real Estate

•    Developed valuation strategy for top-10 lender

•    Created one of the first risk-based appraisal review processes

•     Created anti-fraud underwriting enhancement system

•    Designed several successful Automated Valuation Models

•    Enabled lenders and investors to significantly reduce costs, measure risk, mitigate the occurrence of fraud, and evaluate compliance while improving loan performance

•    Developed an automated loan scoring model. This model proved to work extremely well and has been unmatched in the industry. If a loan was scored as “high risk”, it was nine times more likely to be have been delinquent within the first 12 months than if it were scored as “low risk”. Moreover, it was ten times more likely to never have been funded or have the loan amount cut prior to funding.

Management Consulting

•    Consult to private equity firms and family offices conduct their due diligence on real estate valuation companies

•    Advise clients in identifying companies for strategic partnerships, alliances or acquisition

•    Led business risk implementation and supported efforts to work collaboratively across departments

•    Develop and implement strategy to exploit the synergies among disparate divisions

•    Improve the profitability of Appraisal Management and Appraisal Companies

•    Develop new and enhanced existing analytical products

•    Statistical modeling and analysis


•    Experienced Research Analyst 

•    Co-managed several billion dollars for corporations and high-net-worth individuals providing solid, consistent and positive returns

•    Consulted to investment trusts, such as: state employees’ pension systems and large union pensions

•    Advise clients regarding: manager selection, investment objectives, asset allocation and risk assessment to meet or exceed the trustees' obligations


Monrovia, CA 91016


Phone: +1 (626) 398-3382